3rd Grade "What Shape am I?" Quilling Project

Posted by Zophia Olson on 10/3/2018

3rd grade discovering what makes colors complementary 3rd grade quilling geometric, organic, and free-form shapes  3rd grade starting a what shape am I quilled mural

KFES adopted new CREW Habits. In CREW Club everygrade level is making an art project to represent one of the habits. 3rd grade has Habit 6 Synergize (Together is better). Students started the project learning about the history of quilling (rolled paper strip art and a world renown contemporary quilling artist named Yulia Broadskaya. Next, students discovered the theory behind complementary color harmony and how to quill geometric, organic, and free-form shapes. Now students are creating individual quilled pieces to reflect the concept of synergy. First, students chose a shape they think represents them as a person, and fill the shape with quills like a design and puzzle. The quills reflect the concept of synergy as the student fits the pieces together. When all the shapes are finished the students will work together to create a mural to display them. The mural will also show synergy a each individuals shape is added to the mural. Keep an eye out for the finished product installed on one of the elementary school walls.