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Spring Construction

We are busily working on several projects across the district that we wanted to share with the community. Last summer we discovered the cement cracking outside the main high school gym exit facing the parking lot. We found that water had been collecting under the sidewalk and creating a small cavern. So, the concrete was removed and the drainage system replace, then new concrete was poured. This will result in a safer and stronger surface and is designed to last for years to come. This project was completed with district funds and used local contractors. 




Dry Well




The second project is at the Kettle Falls Elementary School. Several months ago we wrote and were awarded a accessibility grant from the state. This grant will pay for the replacement of the asphalt surrounding the Elementary School's library. This project was timed with a replacement of the current dry well at the rear of the building where flooding was an annual occurrence. The new asphalt will be installed in June. Improvements are happening on a regular basis at Kettle Falls. We are trying our best to look forward and work toward a bright future. 


ES Dry Well


ES Concrete