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Up Close and Person Interview Of Mrs. Vining Written By Students


By Kendall Fields and Alexis Renshaw


We all know our Principal Mrs. Vining. Well, we’re going to tell you more about her and her life. For example, when Mrs. Vining was younger, she didn’t think she would ever be a Principal; she wanted to travel the world! So she wanted to be in Hotel/Motel management. But after awhile she realized that meant she would need to work, not be on vacation. So her plans changed.

Mrs. Vining hasn’t only been a principal. On top of going to college at Spokane Community College, Eastern Washington University, and Gonzaga, she also taught kindergarten through fourth grade for 16 years at Kettle Falls Elementary School. She’s been the Principal of Kettle Falls Middle School for 9 years, and has lived in Kettle Falls all her life besides her years in college and an additional 2 years.   

Through the years, Mrs. Vining has been a teacher, a lifeguard, taught swimming lessons, water aerobics, was a bartender, and she painted houses with her dad for awhile as well. She thinks that if she weren’t a principal, she would work at TJ’s. 

But let's talk about what she is doing right now as a principal. Mrs. Vining is currently working on structures to better support students and staff, and also to continue to make Kettle Falls Middle School a welcoming place that we can be proud of. Her idea of a perfect school would be to help students grow both physically and academically, to teach students to work with the community, and for ALL students and staff to have a sense of belonging. Mrs Vining’s favorite part of being a principal is working with people and helping others. She says she’s very lucky to be here because Kettle Falls is a beautiful, comforting community, and wants her students to understand how lucky we are to live in Kettle Falls. 

From our perspective, Mrs. Vining is a wonderful principal and we are very fortunate to have her here to help us learn and grow to be better people.


interview with vining


interview with vining