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Middle School Spanish Elective

Mr. Heideman teaches our schools Spanish elective. He likes teaching Spanish because “It’s a lot different than science which is what I normally teach, so it's a nice change. Also, it helps me with my own Spanish as well.” He wanted/wants to be a teacher of this elective because he knew that many of the students at Kettle Falls Middle School. He decided that teaching a new elective was rather perfect chance to put a Spanish program in our district. Right now Mr. Heideman is teaching his Spanish class to say the days of the week, and how to ask simple questions to start up a conversation. By the end of the trimester, the students could be able to have Spanish conversations daily! It is very important to Mr. Heideman that students take his elective because “First of all,it is a required class in high school, so taking my elective will give the students a good background. Second, its a common language so it’s good to know.” Students can take his elective a second trimester, but Mr. Heideman would prefer that new students come to learn this exciting language. The only skills needed for the class according to Mr. Heideman are “The willingness to learn.” He would like to have 21 students in his class as a maximum. If Mr. Heideman taught another elective, it would be wilderness survival. Doesn’t that sound fun?! He said that at times when the students are all at different places in their work, it would be helpful to have an assistant so they could all get to the same pace. Mr. Heideman encourages all of his students to expand their knowledge outside of class as well as in. His elective does not have much free time, but that just gives the students more time to learn. After learning for a while, he gives the kids short quizzes to see where they are at in learning this intriguing new language! His discipline is exactly the same as regular classes, so just write ups. Teaching Spanish is not what he expected to be teaching when he was younger, but it seems like he’s doing a pretty good job.


Spanish Elective