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    As students begin to start coming back to in person school 

    remember the following:


                     Wear Your Mask  


    Sign Your Health Attestation

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    October Newsletter

  • Welcome Back Kettle Falls Middle School Students! 


    The Daily Bulletin is back



    Our Middle School Office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  If you need help outside office hours, please call our district office at 509-738-6625.



    Due to all of the restrictions regarding social distancing, in order to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, we are going to be using Skyward Online Registration for our returning students, and Skyward Online Enrollment for our New Students to the district.  Please see below for detailed instructions on how to register online.  We are planning to place those students registered, in classrooms in mid-August.




    Online Enrollment for NEW Students to the Kettle Falls School District:

    1) Request a Skyward Account: Please go to our website, kfschools.org. From the District homepage, scroll down to “School Links” on the right, and under “Parent Links”, select “Online Enrollment for New Students”. This will take you to a screen where you can request your Skyward account. This request process will send you an email with your login and password.

    2) To log in: Retrieve your login and password from the email, then go back to the kfschools.org website, and from the District homepage, scroll down to “School Links” on the right, and under “Parent Links”, select Skyward. Enter your login and password.

    3) Enroll: Once you are logged in, please complete the steps to submit an application to enroll your child.

    4) In the future, to log into Skyward, please go to our website, kfschools.org. and from the District homepage, scroll down to “School Links” on the right, and under “Parent Links”, select Skyward.



    Teach Students the Right Way to Wash Hands

    Wash Hands Often

    It is important to wash hands often because people may have germs on their hands then touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without even realizing it. Provide time needed for all students and staff to wash hands frequently.


    Mask Facts 

    How to   How not to       


    No's for wearing a mask




    Please contact Tracy Vining, Kettle Falls School District Homeless Liaison, at 509-738-6625, ext. 399, for any questions regarding homelessness.




    To reach the schools directly, please dial:

    Elementary – 738-6725

    Middle School – 738-6014

    High School – 738-6388

    Bus Garage – 738-6825

    If you would like to have the option of selecting an extension,

    please dial the Kettle Falls School District Office at 738-6625

    and you will reach the district recording allowing you to select a certain extension.







     All KFMS Students

    □   #2 Pencils

    □   Pencil Sharpener

    □   Lined Paper

    □   Headphones preferred w/ Mic.

    □   Stylus

    □   7th/8th Grade Only Calculator: Texas Instrument Model #TI-30X IIS




     5th -6th Hybrid

    School Supply List

    3 Spiral Notebooks

    1 Inch Binder w/ dividers

    2 boxes facial tissue (Kleenex)

    #2 Pencils

    Ruled Paper

    Pencil Pouch (No Boxes)

    Water Bottle

    Backpack (No Lockers)



    7th-8th Hybrid

    School Supply List


    Water Bottle

    2 boxes facial tissue (i.e. Kleenex)

    #2 Pencils




    1 - 2 ½” Binder w/dividers

    Paper - Ruled notebook

    1 spiral lined notebooks

    1 spiral graph notebook

    Calculator: Texas Instrument

    Model #TI-30X IIS

    1 composite Book

    (Kroiss’s Class Only)

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  • Day of Service!

    Kettle Falls Middle School encourages students to think of Martin Luther King Jr Day as a day of service, rather than a day off.

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  • Community Readers

    “The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

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  • Finished Scarf!

    Allison Warner, 7th grader, is the first to finish her knitted scarf in the Opportunity’s knitting class!

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  • Testing Robotic Skills

    thand 6thGraders test their robotic skills during Mr. Ballance’s science class. Challenge 1 was a programming assignment.

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