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  • Robotics Working on CAD Skills

    Posted by Naomi Edwards on 11/19/2015

    Learning CAD


    Students are learning how to use CAD to model and design parts and moving assemblies for the upcoming robotics season.  We are really excited to have our students use an industry standard piece of software to aid in the early design process that is highly critical to overall success.  

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  • Computer Science Learning Java

    Posted by Naomi Edwards on 10/9/2015

    The students in computer science are learning the basics of the Java language and are currently distiguishing between data types.  Students regularly write programs to test their skills and get to interact with technology daily. 

    Learning Java

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  • Robotics Learns to Solder

    Posted by Naomi Edwards on 10/9/2015

    Students in robotics are gearing up to building circuits that require some soldering.  Their next project will require the use of a Human PIR sensor, LED's, servos and any other items they are interested in adding.  Just like real world robotic or automated systems, these students are learning to take inputs from their environment and make decisions impacting the output.  

    Class Soldering


    Soldering Wires


    Learning to Solder


    Learning to solder

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  • Makayla and Wyatt Present

    Posted by Naomi Edwards on 9/30/2015

    Two of our students presented to the rotary last week about our robotics program and had a chance to show the high quality work that qualified them into the World's FIRST robotics competition last year.

     Wyatt Presenting



    wyatt working on robot

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  • Students Present at Portland Rotary Club

    Posted by Naomi Edwards on 9/16/2015

    Two students, Makayla Hall and Wyatt Moss, travelled to Portland to present on our robotics team.  Here is the video used to convey the complexity of learning in our robotics program.  


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