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  • Covering Math Books

    Posted by Lisa Rosen on 9/29/2015 4:00:00 PM

    Book Covers!

    Fifth and Sixth graders have gotten their math books. Most were pretty excited about getting them, now if they can do a few things: 1) Bring them to class  2) Take them back to their lockers after class, and 3) get them covered. Covering them can be fun! I have had crafty parents sew a book cover from jeans and leave a pocket on the cover! Some people like to cover them with maps. The two best (sturdiest) things to cover them with is a brown paper grocery bag or a $1 gift bag from the Dollar Store (or any store).  PLEASE remember that tape can not be put directly on the book. Taping cover to cover is best. This accomplishes two things: 1) It helps save wear and tear on the books. They cost over $60 a piece, so we want them to last as long as possible. and 2) It makes it easier for kids to recognize their own book and not grab someone else's book by accident. Students can have a stretchy fabric book cover also, they just don't protect the books as well. They can't be too tight or too loose. Have fun doing this. The first class to have 100% of their books covered will get ice cream bars.

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  • This week in fifth and sixth grade

    Posted by Lisa Rosen on 9/29/2015 4:00:00 PM

    This week the fifth and sixth graders will be working on triangles for their entry task, and the assignment will be on Friday. They worked on equilateral triangles on Monday, isosceles triangles on Tuesdays, scalene triangles on Wednesday, and a review Thursday. They are working on the length of the sides as well as the measurement of the angles. 

    Fifth graders are working on adding and subtracting decimals, and introduction to multiplication using multi digit problems. 

    Sixth graders are working on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. 

    Ask your child to show you what is in their binder! 

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  • Geometry is fun!

    Posted by Lisa Rosen on 9/28/2015

    Lots of kids have passed everything from 2's and 3's through division.

    All angles of a triangle add up to 180º. Cutting and pasting shows us how! Graphs help us focus on the progress we are making toward knowing all our times tables.

     Students are learning that all triangles have angles that add up to a straight angle, or 180º. They are also creating graphs to help them track the progress they are making toward learning all of their times tables. Some have already learned everything from multiplication using 2's and 3's all the way through division! They just keep on working!

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  • Math is Awesome!

    Posted by Julie Peterson on 9/15/2015

    Your children are making an amazing amount of progress in math already! Keep checking for more details. 


    Working hard

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