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  • Snowshoeing Adventure

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 1/8/2020 8:00:00 AM

    We had GREAT weather for this adventure! Students did a great job of showing perseverance for the hike up the mountain.


    this area is beautiful!


    "Short cut" ?


    snack break


    sledding down the hill!

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  • Christmas Program

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 12/19/2019 4:00:00 PM

    The students did such a great job tonight! We are very proud of you!


    We are ready!

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  • Digging For Fossils in the Classroom

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 12/9/2019 8:00:00 AM

    For our 2nd expedition unit we are learning about fossils and the changes of Earth. For our labs that go with our expedition we have students pretend to paleontologist and dig for fossils.


    sharing is caring


    sharing tools


    what is it?


    lets work together!

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  • Halloween Olympics

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 10/31/2019 8:00:00 AM

    pumpkin roll


    ring toss


    over under

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  • Interviewing Community Member for our Newspapers

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 10/29/2019 12:00:00 PM

    Students have been studying schools around the world and learning about their challenges and how they face them. Students wanted to share their learning through a newspaper as well as getting to know different community members, what their careers are, and the challenges they faced while going to school to pursue their dreams.


    Receptionist, Manager


    Dental Hygienist


    Fish and Wildlife


    United States Air Force

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  • Perimeter

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 10/21/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Another activity with Jack and the Beanstalk; students task was to measure the perimeter of Jacks different sized garden beds for his beans.


    measuring the perimeter


    measuring the perimeter


    measuring the perimeter


    measuring the perimeter


    measuring the perimeter

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  • Measuring Different Lengths

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 10/18/2019 10:00:00 AM

    After listening to Jack and the Beanstalk students were given a task to measure the various lengths of Jacks beans using unifix cubes.


    connecting the cubes


    working together


    how long?

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  • Estimate and Count

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 10/9/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Students are working on estimating and counting to hundreds. The task was for students to look at what 25 beans looked like and try to estimate 125 beans. Then students had to count to see how close they were to 125. Students could count by ones or by tens.


    Grouping then into 10's





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  • Biking, Hiking, and Drawing Adventure

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 9/25/2019


    How do I sharpen my saw on adventure? 

    Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul


    2nd graders had an absolutely beatiful day hiking, biking, and drawing plants. 

    Helmets on (check!), ready to go!

    What a view!


    Across the Bridge


    Stopped to take in the view

    heart, mind, body, and soul

    drawing plants


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  • Community Service

    Posted by Elizabeth Bradeen on 9/20/2019 1:30:00 PM

    Students helped support the Balls and Chain fishing tournament for the local Casey McKern Pay It Foward Foundation that helps people with neck and spine injuries. Students helped fill the bags that go to the women fishing in the tournament. Students had to pay close attention to what went into the bags, making sure all the bags had the same products.


    Students dropping bags off


    Students going down the assembly line

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