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  • 3rd grade is embracing the 7 Habits of CREW

    Posted by MaKayla Carr on 9/19/2018

    Students are being proactive in participating in high quality discussions. Fishbowl protocol

    The third grade CREW has been embracing the new 7 habits of a successful learner. This week they have focused on being proactive and following protocols in their independent discussions!

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  • 3rd grade spatial reasoning experts

    Posted by MaKayla Carr on 9/19/2016

    Spatial Reasoning Experts

    Spatial reasoning helps students think about math in different ways! Seeing patterns and relationships between objects enhances students' mathematical thinking!! These girls were strengthening their spatial reasoning through the game of Dizios! 

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  • 3rd Grade Mathematicians

    Posted by MaKayla Carr on 9/28/2015

    3rd Grade Mathematicians

    In 3rd grade, we always work together and learn from each other.  Here a group of 3rd grade mathematicians share a strategy that they used to solve a division equation with the rest of their CREW.  These students prepared their work and provided an example full of craftsmanship and complexity that their fellow CREW members could strive to work toward in their own problem solving.

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  • Our First Adventure

    Posted by MaKayla Carr on 9/17/2015

    After accomplishing a very complex and difficult hike together, we found the hidden geocache!

    AT KFES, we love adventure!  Our 3rd grade CREW was able to work together to accomplish our goals!  After navigating our way to find the hidden geocache, our group faced another challenge, a creek to cross!  Here, our group worked together to build a bridge out of rocks to cross this small creek.  When we get back to the classroom, we discuss how the challenges we face on adventure are similar to the challenges we face in the classroom.  We have conversations about the different strategies that we can use to overcome those challenges.  I am amazed at how well our kids support each other and demonstrate teamwork and caring both in and out of the classroom.  

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