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  • What is a greeting?

    Posted by Kerri Edwards on 10/3/2018

    Every morning our crew is greeted multiple times.  Why do we do this?  We feel it is important  that everyone is acknowledged by name and made to feel welcome to our school.  Clear criteria was set for a greeting - eye contact, saying the name of who you are greeting, and a nice, firm handshake. My class has established many ways that we greet each other.   We have our (new this year) Super Greeter that shakes every students hand in the class before we start our day.  During crew meeting is when we also greet one another in many different ways.  On Wednesdays we have our All School Crew meeting and each class gets greeted by the whole school. 


    Super Greeter Super Greeter


    Crew Meeting Greeting All School Crew Greeting

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  • First Adventure of 2018-19 School Year

    Posted by Kerri Edwards on 9/13/2018

    Our first adventure for 4th grade was awesome and crazy at the same time.  Who would have predicted hail for that long - or thunder and lightening.  Our students learned how to dig deep and push through - skills that will carry them into the classroom.  I didn't hear whining but encouragement - there were a few tears - but we learned that it is okay to cry sometimes - it doesn't mean you aren't persevering.  Overall I am very proud of these kids and excited for leadership camp today.  Not a lot of pictures taken - some as the hail started and then in the bus afterwards.  If you see a 4th grader out there - ask them about their adventure and tell them good job!


    As the hail begins Taking cover while eating Lunch on the rocks The drive home driving home What do I see? Lunch Animals in Nature Looking at the birds

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  • Super 4th grade teachers 4th grade teachers Meet the staff Learning the 7 habits


    Busy day of learning the 7 habits of a Crew Leader and meeting the staff.

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  • Dugouts before we started

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