•  Mrs. Purvis' Page

    Welcome 6th grade math students and families!
    Students have access to several different websites that will allow them to practice their math skills. 
    Aleks.com is a website designed to give math students lessons designed for their current knowledge level. It is ok to get help when the background screen is blue, but do your own thinking on a knowledge check (green background). No calculators please. You can also practice your math facts using the quicktables feature in Aleks. 
    Khanacademy.org is a fantastic website with short instruction videos and practice problems for hundreds of concepts. Students do not need an account to access these tools but with parent permission could create an account to track their progression. 
    Mathantics.com has great introcutory videos for a variety of math concepts. 
    Please email me at mpurvis@kfschools.org if there is anything I can support you in.