• Bulldogs
    Logos, Icons, and Mascots

    Here is where you can find high definition versions of our logos and information on how our brand should be managed. While the information contained on this website page refers to a visual identity and graphic standards guide, a better description is that it is a set of  common images that connects the schools and community in Kettle Falls.
    This webpage style guide serves as a tool for not only presenting but also protecting the Kettle Falls identity, as well as keeping it consistent across all of its various applications. From letterhead to apparel, from posters and banners to flyers, this website will help to standardize the image of the school district. Please help us represent the schools in Kettle Falls by consistently using the official logos, icons and mascots that appear on the website. This is a top priority when working with all materials that represent this school district.
    If you have questions about how to use the logos or other icons, please feel free to call the district office. We want to present a professional and friendly face to our community and to each other. We want to exemplify high quality work!

    KFSDLogoBlue    KFHSLogoBlack  KF  KFSDLogoBlackHoriz Bulldog   Bullpup logo

    We use Times (12 point) as our primary text, and Ariel (14 or 18 point) for our titles on our website. When designing logos, flyers and posters for print, we also use the two speciality fonts Geared Slab and Mission Gothic (in a variety of font sizes). Please download them to your computer to use. Again, if you have any questions on how to use this style guide, please call us at 509-738-6625