• Welcome to the
    Kettle Falls District Office!

  • Michael Olsen


    Michael Olsen
    Contact Information:
    Email: molsen@kfschools.org 
    Phone: 738-6625
    Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year! 


    Kettle Falls School District is a special place where students learn, laugh and grow. We have an incredible team that focuses on the needs of each student and challenges them to grow and improve. Over the past year, we have created a strategic plan that will guide our work and support improved student outcomes into the future. We have revived our curriculum adoption process and will be using the best instructional materials to ensure that our students are provided the best opportunities to grow. We have focused on improving our safety preparedness and response to ensure that our students and staff are learning in safe and compassionate spaces.


    As a district we believe in:

    • Kettle Strong
      • I seek common ground to achieve a partnership among our families and community by embracing diverse populations
    • One Team
      • I build productive relationships across the district
    • Trust
      • I speak with courage to seek and offer feedback to gain understanding
    • Take Action
      • I prioritize all interactions to maximize results
    • Be Intentional
      • I use available resources to deliver focused results


    Our collective compassion and resilience ensures that no student is overlooked. Without a doubt, Team Kettle Falls is the best team and provides the most amazing opportunities for our students!


Our School Board:

    Norm Gaston
    District No. 1
    Jaya Fowler
    District No. 2
    Kat Snider
    District No. 3
    Chip Johnson
    District No. 4
    Brett McKern
    District No. 5