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    Michael Olsen
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    The 2019-2020 school year threw everyone a curve ball that no one could have predicted and we all did our best to hit it and put in play. Our staff were suddenly thrust into having to provide our students with learning opportunities in a way that they had never expected or prepared to provide. Our staff thrive on interacting with our students, your children. Our families were thrust into just as an uncertain situation, having to figure out how to help our students at home while working. In some cases, an even more uncertain situation when they could no longer work. And, while we were all struggling with these things, our students were facing the unknown challenge of what our third trimester turned into. And, for our seniors, watching their last chance to be with their friends in classes, in the hallways, and around our campuses slip away. 

    As we walk into the 2020-2021 school year, we understand the fear and anxiety that many of our families have. The continued unknown of what this school year will bring. Having to once again figure out how to support their students while providing for their families. We share these anxieties and worries. We are also excited to be able to welcome some students back into our classrooms, and are optimistic that, working with Tri-County Health Department, we will be able to slowly welcome more students back in to our classrooms as this school year progresses.
    Our teachers have been working on developing Google Classrooms, recording videos, and preparing to support our students regardless of their capacity to have internet. We are looking forward to seeing our students and families during our one-on-one conferences to start the year, and will continue to work through the challenges that COVID-19 are presenting. We are placing internet hot spots at each of our campuses that will allow students to stream, upload, and download material as needed.
    We are dedicated to continuing to partner with our families and communities to overcome our current challenges and make the 2020-2021 school year a great school year for everyone!

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