• Welcome to the Kettle Falls Early Learning Center


    We believe that the early years are crucial learning opportunities for children. Our mission is to provide a safe, positive, educational environment that prepares young children for a successful school experience. Planned developmentally-appropriate activities will nurture each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical needs. Our trained staff will provide a fun, caring and structured learning environment. Our goal is to provide an educational program where children with learning challenges learn together with typically developing children. Research cited from the Washington Association for the Education of Young Children shows that inclusive settings are beneficial for both children with special needs and typically developing young children. Children with disabilities benefit from being in classrooms with peer models. Typically-developing children benefit from an increased appreciation and acceptance for individual differences. Further, they will be taught in a classroom that is designed to meet individual needs and goals. The Kettle Falls Early Learning childcare program is available on a limited basis for preschool. 


    Classes and Opportunities: 

    Classes will be guided by state Early Learning Benchmarks, coordinate with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards, and use research-validated early literacy curriculum, to provide a smooth transition to Kettle Falls Elementary. Preschool is fun! Three to five year olds have a wonderful joy and sense of curiosity about the world. Childcare is offered as needed five days per week and rates include preschool. Classes will be held in the preschool classroom in the KF Early Learning Center.


    Curriculum Philosophy:

    We use the Creative Curriculum while encouraging your child’s natural curiosity and building on what he or she already knows. We call it Early Expeditions. Early Expeditions is aligned with Washington State Early Learning Guidelines and we believe in authentic, ongoing, observation-based assessment strategies that focus on strengths. We assess using Teaching Strategies Gold over the following objectives: social-emotional, physical, language, literacy, cognitive, and math. We believe children learn best through play. We respond to the individual needs of each child and encourage a love of learning every step of the way.


    If you are interested in enrolling into the KFELC, please contact Trisha Dean at 509.738.6625 or via email at tdean@kfschools.org.