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  • Math Team

    Posted by Mike Potestio on 12/9/2015

    Math Team

    Kettle Falls 9/10th Grade Math Team Finishes 3rd in State!!!

    This weekend a group of 9th graders travelled to Moses Lake for the state Math Competition. Two of the students placed 6th and 8th among all Geometry students in the state, and the team placed 3rd overall! The students pictured are the five that travelled to Moses Lake, but they are only a portion of the math team. Several math team competitors were unable to travel due to other obligations. Great Job!

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  • Rocket Launching

    Posted by Mike Potestio on 10/2/2015


    After studying projectile motion, the physics class went to the football field where the students calculated the velocity of the rocket, calculated the distance it would travel, placed a target downrange, and launched an air powered rocket. They came within five yards of their calculated distance!

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  • CWU Physics Students

    Posted by Mike Potestio on 9/14/2015


    Kettle Falls High School Physics students dropping and timing tennis balls from the stairs in order to calculate the acceleration of gravity. Many of these students will be earning college credit through Central Washington University for this class.

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