• Public School Choice

    Public School Choice

    Kettle Falls School District

    2007-8 All Schools met AYP

    2008-9 All Schools met AYP

    2009-10 All Schools met AYP

    2010-11 All Schools met AYP except KFMS which is in Step 1
    134 eligible for PSC and SES
    0 participated in PSC and SES

    2013-14 KFES and KFHS are not in Steps of improvement
    KFMS is in Step 2
    114 eligible for PSC and SES
    2 participated in SES

    The only Middle School within in 20 miles is Colville Junior High. They are in Step 4. In 2010-11, they were in Step 3.

    No students have used PSC because KFMS has been at a lower step of AYP each year.