•  Key Results

    ResultsPyramid What are Key Results? Key Results are the "must deliver" goals of an organization. Results are the product of a culture. Key Results are what a culture of accountability creates as people work in a coordinated effort towards a few top priorities. Culture is defined as the actions people take, which come from the beliefs they hold, which originate from experiences they have within an organization. Put a different way, we get what we have because of the things we do. And we do what we do because of what we believe, our beliefs come from our experiences. 
    Kettle Falls has been working with Partners In Leadership (PIL) since May 2014. Facilitators from the company have been to Kettle Falls and worked with our leaders (administrators, teachers, students, and Board Members) for one two-day workshop. We plan on continuing our work with them throughout the year. Leadership is important in changing our culture. According to their website, New York Times Bestselling authors, and co-founders of PIL Roger Connors and Tom Smith write: 
    Here is our basic premise to the work we do with organizational culture:

    • Leaders must create the needed culture.
    • The culture produces the results.
    • The most effective culture is a Culture of Accountability.
    • The Results Pyramid will accelerate the transition to a Culture of Accountability and create competitive advantage. 
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