Kettle Falls Capital Projects Levy Information 2017


    October 5, 2017


    Athletics, Facilities, and Security on the Ballot for Kettle Falls


    The Kettle Falls School District’s board of directors have approved a resolution that will appear on the November 7th, 2017 ballot for a four year capital projects levy that will pay for athletic improvements, facility upgrades, and security equipment. The district will be requesting a total of $1,300,000 for all the projects that cannot be accomplished through the regular maintenance and operations (M&O) levy in 2014. The capital projects levy will be $0.63 per $1,000 assessed valuation. For a $100,000 home the estimated cost would be approximately $5.25 per month for four years ($63/year for four years).


    The district has an athletic complex, between the High School and Middle School, that includes several sports: softball, soccer, football, baseball, and track and field. The track and surrounding areas have not been significantly upgraded since the 1990s. Students in High School and Middle School currently run on a gravel track and the Kettle Falls school district does not host league track meets locally. The capital levy will pay for an upgraded track and field, track and field equipment, softball field enhancements, football field adjustments, a covered area for the Middle School playground, and a winter practice/storage facility for baseball and softball.


    In regard to facility upgrades, the Elementary School will get a new roof for both the main and library buildings. The school district has initiated a contract with Apollo Solutions Group, currently working with the City of Kettle Falls, to do an analysis of the energy efficiency of all buildings in the district, with a special focus on the Elementary School. Data from this report will be used to submit a grant this year in an attempt to match or add to the capital levy funds dedicated to these facility upgrades. 


    Finally, the district will purchase security equipment for each building on both campuses (Elementary and Middle/High Schools). Although the district has security cameras at each site, motion detectors and magnetic door alarms will be installed and monitored by the local police and fire departments. Please feel free to contact Thaynan Knowlton, superintendent of schools, in Kettle Falls at (509) 738-6625 with any questions.


    Capital Levy Information



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    Kettle Falls School District Press Release

    School Levy Plan 

    March 31, 2015


    The Kettle Falls School District has released its levy plan for the next four years. After meeting with various community groups and business leaders in the city, the school district learned about maintenance and program priorities of the community. Upon passing the Maintenance and Operations Levy in February, the district has decided to publicize plans for the next four years. The district hopes that voters understand that the first collection will not be until April 2016, and that the plan represents their best estimate of timing. Should significant unforeseen circumstances and costs arise, they will share changes with the community as rapidly as possible.

    “This fall we plan on purchasing bus radios for better communication between our drivers and the bus garage” Director of Transportation and Maintenance John Harris shared. “We haven’t been able to talk with our drivers in the past because the old radios wouldn't carry a signal that far. This makes things much safer for the students.” Next on the plan is to add a teacher at the Elementary School. Val McKern, the Elementary principal said that “this year we have had up to 61 students between 2.5 teachers. We are very excited to have more support! The levy will be a great help to us at the Elementary School.”

    Over the summer of 2016, the High School roof is on schedule to be repaired. Three months later, in the fall of 2016, the district will add a  music teacher (grades 5-12). There will also be a new curriculum adoption, and additional technology support for staff and students. Over the course of the next several years the district plans on repairing parking lots, replacing worn out carpets, upgrading the outdated network backbone and phone system, and doing other facilities enhancements. 

    “We feel lucky to live in a community who supports schools the way that Kettle has” said Kettle Falls Superintendent, Thaynan Knowlton. “The voters passed the levy, and now we will deliver. This plan represents our current time line going forward.” The district explained that over the next four years they plan on giving regular updates on the progress of the plan. For more information contact the Kettle Falls School District main office. 

    Updated Levy 2016

    Remember that the 2016-2019 Maintenance & Operations (M&O) levy replaces the current levy. 

    The 2011-2015 rate was $2.59 per $1,000. The 2016-2019 rate will be $3.02, or a difference of 43¢. 

    This levy would pay for the addition of music, curriculum, technology, transportation, maintenance, staffing, and lower K-2 class sizes. 


Interview with KCRK (FM 92.1)

  • Radio Levy Interview

    by Julie Sprague Length: 8:24 Minutes
    The local radio station in Colville interviewed the Kettle Falls superintendent, Thaynan Knowlton, about the upcoming levy. If you missed it, this is an 8 minute clip of a 20 minute interview.
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  • Levy Info

  • Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy Renewal

    The purpose of a Maintenance and Operations levy is to provide general operating funds that supplement state and federal funding for public schools. Levies were intended to provide for extras beyond basic education, but have become a significant funding source for most school districts due to diminishing funding from the state and federal government. The Kettle Falls School Board of Directors will place a four year Maintenance and Operations Levy Renewal before the voters on February 10, 2015. The current levy expires at the end of 2015 and accounts for 17% of the district budget. The renewal will continue funding needed to sustain programs and services. Currently 95% of all schools in Washington State are collecting local levy money.
    The District M&O Levy
    • Replaces the current levy, which will expire at the end of 2015
    • Authorizes collection for four years of an annual levy for general operations for each year.
    • Provides 17% of the funding for the general operations of Kettle Falls School District
    • Requires a 50% plus 1 vote to pass
    • Will expire at the end 2019 
    What the levy pays for:
    • Bridges the gap between state and federal funding and the actual cost to run a school district
    • 55% of levy dollars go towards staff costs
    • Classroom supplies and textbooks
    • Technology
    • Safety and security
    • Transportation costs
    • Facility Maintenance
    • Extracurricular activities and athletics
    • Music Program
    • Roofing Projects
    How much will the renewal M&O levy cost?
    The replacement of the existing School Maintenance and Operations Levy authorizes for a four-year levy: $1,459,925 per year. The estimated tax rates per $1,000 of assessed property value are $3.02.

    What are levy limits?

    School districts are limited by the State of Washington in the amount of funding it can receive through local levy dollars. The district cannot legally collect more than 28% of the funding it receives through specific state and federal programs. It also cannot use money from capital project funds or bonds to pay for general operations. With our $1,459,925 we are asking for 15.9% of our allowed levy limit.
    Why is this called a “Replacement M&O Levy”?

    The ballot measure is titled a “replacement” levy because this is not a new tax request. Instead, this measure is asking voters to continue the four-year educational program levy they approved in 2011. However, it does represent an increased levy amount. 
     Will this cost more than I am paying now?
    Yes. The previous levy that passed in 2011 was for $1,092,000 at a rate per $1,000 of $2.59. The School Board approved, and community endorsed addition of: a music program, an extra teacher, curriculum adoptions, maintaining bus routes, technology upgrades, fixing the leaky roof at the High School, and other increases make up this difference.
     Here are some levy facts: 
    • Previous levy (2011) tax rate: $2.59
    • Current proposed levy (2015) tax rate: $3.02
    • This is a .43 cent increase per $1,000.
    • For a home assessed at $100,000: $43 annual increase (or $3.58 per month)
    • For a home assessed at $200,000: $86 annual increase (or $7.16 per month)
    Does everyone have to pay for the levy?
    Senior citizens age 61 or older may be eligible for an exemption on all or part of levy taxes. For more information on discounts and exemptions, please call your county assessor (Stevens County Assessor: 509-684-6161, or Ferry County Assessor: 509-775-5205).
    What is State Levy Equalization Assistance (LEA)?

    The total value of all taxable property within the school district is called its “assessed value.” The lower the overall assessed property value in a school district, the higher the property tax rate. Levy equalization is an adjustment made by the state to level the playing field across the state and reduce the greater tax burden on property owners within school districts that have a lower average assessed valuation than the statewide average – the situation here in Kettle Falls.

    Does Kettle Falls School District benefit from LEA funding?

    Yes. The school district receives this state funding because it is considered a “property poor” district – a district with a high tax rate due to low assessed property values. In other words, the tax rate required in Kettle Falls to generate local levy dollars per student is higher than the statewide average tax rate needed to generate the same revenue.