Fish and Wildlife Management Program
Colville Fish Hatchery

This class debuted in the fall of 2013 after Stevens County acquired the aging Colville Fish Hatchery last year in a deal with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Spokane New Tech Skill Center has organized a fisheries science and vocational learning program for local high school students. A nine member “Advisory Committee” composed of local citizen volunteers meet regularly to ensure the successful operation of the hatchery as a vocational learning center and to raise trout for release in local waters.
The NEWTECH Skills Center is offering a Fish and Wildlife Management Program at the Colville Fish Hatchery to any high school aged students.
Interested students will:
  • Master science standards through a hands on learning program, which will prepare them for careers in the natural resources fields including fisheries and wildlife biology
  • Gain work experience in fish and wildlife management
  • Participate in fish production at the Colville Fish Hatchery
  • Manage the 19.4 acres of forest land around the hatchery
  • Learn the skills necessary to build a fishing rod
  • Earn three high school credits; 1 science and 2 vocational (CTE) credits
  • Gain college credit from Bellingham Technical College in Fisheries and Aquaculture 
The class is a 2 ½ hour blocked class (3 class periods per day), a morning (8:20-10:50 am) and an afternoon (11:40am – 2:10pm) session.  A student can take the program for a second year. 
For students interested in enrolling in the Colville Fish Hatchery NEWTECH Skill Center class, please call or email Tracy Flugel at:, 509-738-6388.