• Welcome to Facilities!

    The facilities department comprises the three maintenance and three custodial individuals in the district and  is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and cleaning of the district's facilities. The department also coordinates other district construction and rennovation projects. Recent projects include the following:
    • New door locks at MS gym (winter of 2018)
    • New carpets at the HS, MS, and ES (winter of 2017)
    • New drinking fountains at the HS and MS (winter of 2017)
    • New flooring at the ES (summer of 2017)
    • Nightlock security hardware at ES (summer of 2017)
    • New kitchen ovens and steamers (summer of 2017)
    • Painted the front of the HS (summer of 2017)
    • New STEM rooms at the HS (summer of 2017)
    • New roof at the HS (summer of 2017)
    • New CVA building (summer of 2017)
    • New paint on blue building (summer of 2017)
    • Upgraded all lighting in the district (winter of 2016)
    • New wrestling area in MS (summer of 2016)
    • Rennovated weight room at the MS (summer of 2015)
    • New security camera system at ES (summer of 2014)

    Our maintenance staff:


    Maintenance Staff