Welcome to Nutrition Services!

Our goal is to meet the nutritional needs of the students and staff of the Kettle Falls School District by offering a variety of quality, nutritious meals in a timely, effective manner. We will offer local produce whenever possible. We are committed to increasing participation by providing a friendly, professional, clean atmosphere focused on students as customers. 
Quality: The program will offer quality food products which will be visually appealing, taste good with satisfaction measured by surveys.
Nutritious: The program will meet nutritional goals and standards set forth by the USDA.
Cost-Effective: The program will feed the students of the Kettle Falls School District by purchasing, storing, preparing, transporting and serving meals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 
Education: The program will support educational goals for students by emphasizing the relationship between nutritious foods, good health, and a satisfying life. This will be measured by testing and observing food choices. 
Doing More:  We have joined the movement to improve health and reduce our impact on the environment. 
Questions for the Nutrition Services Department? 
Please call 509.738.6625 x461