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  • 2nd Grade "Listen First, Then Talk" Blotted Line Technique

    Posted by Zophia Olson on 10/10/2018

    2nd grade blotting traced ears 2nd Grade students inking a traced ear 2nd grade student tracing her ear

     KFES adopted new CREW Habits. In CREW Club everygrade level is making an art project to represent one of the habits. 2nd grade is working on Habit 5 Seek First to Understand and then be Understood (Listen, the Talk) They learned about famous Pop artist Andy Warhol for his repeat, colorful, blotted ink drawings. Students blotted tracings of their ears to represent the "Listen" part of the habit and will do their mouth next to represent the "Talk" part of the habit. Later this month, students will use their skills to draw self-portraits. 

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  • 3rd Grade "What Shape am I?" Quilling Project

    Posted by Zophia Olson on 10/3/2018

    3rd grade discovering what makes colors complementary 3rd grade quilling geometric, organic, and free-form shapes  3rd grade starting a what shape am I quilled mural

    KFES adopted new CREW Habits. In CREW Club everygrade level is making an art project to represent one of the habits. 3rd grade has Habit 6 Synergize (Together is better). Students started the project learning about the history of quilling (rolled paper strip art and a world renown contemporary quilling artist named Yulia Broadskaya. Next, students discovered the theory behind complementary color harmony and how to quill geometric, organic, and free-form shapes. Now students are creating individual quilled pieces to reflect the concept of synergy. First, students chose a shape they think represents them as a person, and fill the shape with quills like a design and puzzle. The quills reflect the concept of synergy as the student fits the pieces together. When all the shapes are finished the students will work together to create a mural to display them. The mural will also show synergy a each individuals shape is added to the mural. Keep an eye out for the finished product installed on one of the elementary school walls. 

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  • 7 Habits of CREW Leaders

    Posted by Zophia Olson on 9/26/2018

    Students creating leadership leaves 7 Habits Tree

    The Kettle Falls Elementary School adopted the 7 Habits of CREW Leaders taken from the book Leaders of their Own Learning where the habits are displayed as a tree from roots to leaves. I created a 7 Habits tree in my classroom for students to reference. As all students have finished learning and teaching their CREW Club leadership job, I gave them the task of creating the leaves. Students autographed and colored the leaves to symbolize their personal leadership in the school. 

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  • 4th Grade Photography and Adventure

    Posted by Zophia Olson on 9/19/2018

    4th Grade Students Adventure Hiking 4th Grade Students Adventure Taking Photographs

    Every year 4th grade students' artwork gets used to decorate gift bags for the Balls and Chain Walleye tournament as an act of service for the community. The last three years 4th Grade students used their learning about photography. On the first adventure of the year they took nature photos while hiking. This year 4th Grade students hiked around Sherman Mountain and even admidst a hail storm took some beautiful photos. Now students will learn how to edit their photos on iPads to create another special project. Check back in a few months to see the finished project. 

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  • Every Student Gets to Be a Leader

    Posted by Zophia Olson on 9/12/2018


     1st Grade Drawing Leader Job

    This photo was taken by a 2nd grade photo leader while she was praticing her new job. Students spend the first weeks of CREW Club learning a leader job for their CREW table such as art supply leader, chair/table leader, and more. Students learn and teach their leader jobs to their CREW table. As a leader, students learn how to demonstrate 7 Habits of CREW leaders, and they learn in an authentic way that leaders in the real world teach, remind, and help the people that work with them.


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