• Open Government Trainings Act 

     Dr. Mike Dunn recently sent an email outlining the new Board training that is required for all School Board members:

    Effective July 1, 2014, all public school boards (and other elected members of governing bodies of public agencies) are required to participate in training related to open public meetings (RCW 42.30 and 42.32) and public records retention (RCW 42.56), in addition to rules related to the Preservation and Destruction of Public Records (RCW 40.14). Per Engrossed Senate Bill 5964, known as the Open Government Trainings Act (OGTA).


    Deb Ramsay, executive director for technology and design services, has created an Open Government Training Act information website for the districts we serve and for others who would like to use it.  While she will be working on creating and linking discussion guides for each of the four lessons in the near future, you can go to this link to see all of the very helpful information she has put together: 

    http://www.esd101.net/ogta   OGTA for Open Government Trainings Act.


    In addition to this website link, a one page .pdf is attached to this email which provides helpful and succinct information.  If you have questions on the Open Government Trainings Act, please contact Deb Ramsay, Executive Director, Technology & Design Services, NEWESD 101, dramsay@esd101.net or 509.323.2759. Additional information and training resources are also available from our website or from the Attorney General's Open Government Training http://1.usa.gov/1oChQn1.