• Mrs. Paulette Donnelly
    Kindergarten Teacher


    I am a lifelong learner and hope to pass the love of learning on to my students! My husband and I and our three children moved from Alaska to Stevens County so we could have a longer gardening season and be connected to a road system! This lovely road system delivers us to enjoy our favorite activities like: skiing, hiking, kayaking, or just walking along the beach. We also enjoy skijoring and bikejoring with our two Eurohound dogs! My whole family enjoys being active and enjoying the immeasurable beauty that surrounds us!

    Contact Information:
    Email: pdonnelly@kfschools.org
    Phone: 738-6625

    Class Expectations:

    It is my hope that each student comes with a desire to have fun while learning. It is my hope that each student will come with a desire to be respectful of others by interacting comfortably and independently with peers at play and work. It is my hope that each student will live up to their full potential regarding: math and number sense, letter and word awareness leading to strong reading skills, and positive social and emotional development.