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  • 4th grade students are given the task to create a stop motion clay animation video to solve a small problems using one of Kelso's Choices (or K. C.'s Choices for 3rd and 4th grade students) assigned by Mrs. Olson. Students are told that the videos will be used to teach other students, so parents and teachers feel free to watch them for entertainment or use them to teach other students how to solve small problems. 
    Working in partners, students design and create a diorama with a setting and characters out of paper and clay. Next, students write a script with actions and dialogue on iPads with the Google Docs App to show how they will solve the small problem with the given K. C.'s choice. Then, students use the Stop Motion Studio App to create a video taking lots of photos of small movements and recording voices for each person's character. 
    You can also visit www.artsonia.com to view your students favorite photo of his or her diorama and his or her reflection on the process of making the video.  
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  • Ignore It
  • Talk It Out
  • Share and Take Turns
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  • Apologize
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