• Ms. Lisa Rosen
    Fifth and Sixth Grade Math
    I just love math! There is always some new way to help kids learn a concept! If plan A doesn't work, try plan B. If plan B doesn't work, try plan C. There are so many different strategies and so many different learners. Should we make a chart? Make color a part of the lesson? Get out the scissors and glue sticks to make a concept clear? Explain it to a friend? Act it out? (Yes, we actually have gotten down on the floor to make ourselves perpendicular or parallel to the floor. We have gotten down on the ground to "act out"  supplementary and complementary angles.) Build it with blocks? Use the clock? Use play money? Or is this particular assignment one that needs be done with standard pencil and paper?  You can count on me to explore as many ways as we have time for, and I will count on the students to be actively involved in it all. 
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 738-6625 x323
    Class Expectations
    Knowledge is power. The more ownership the students have in their success, the better. If they come to school having had a good night's sleep it is so much easier for them to work through the challenges here at school. Occasionally, they have work to finish at home that wasn't finished at school. Students also need to come into the classroom with all the materials they will need during that class period. These seem like simple things, but they are so important. Having an organized binder also helps the students succeed.  Families, students, and school can all work together as a team to ensure the students learn as much as possible.