• Mr. Joe Kerns
    CVA Teacher
    Education has always been important to my family; ranging from teaching in a one room school house on the prairie of South Dakota to being a MicroSoft teacher of the year and teaching overseas to  me having coached four All Americans in wrestling, working with art and political science classes to currently working with online education.  I have worked underground in mines, fought forest fires, logged, life-guarded, helped prosecute criminals, served as an adjunct instructor at a community college, and worked on the Galaxy and Wizard up in Alaska to help me reach my goals. 
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 738-3361
    Class Expectations
    All students can learn, but each in their own way.  I am able to help students establish goals and to find the means to achieve them.  Working online with students provides flexibility and resources to individualize their education and to achieve what they want.