• Ms. Diane Germann
    CVA Teacher
    Upon completing my student teaching in Italy, I met my husband in Switzerland.  After working in Europe for a couple of years, we moved to Texas where I began my career in education as we both pursued graduate degrees.  Our daughter and her Swedish husband both work in the financial field in New York City, and our son and his fiancé (whom he met in Australia) both live in Boise, ID where he practices as mechanical engineer for a consulting firm.  Education has always been a high priority in our family, and we all have been given the wonderful gift of enjoying the discovery and learning process.
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    Class Expectations
    Education, in its varied forms, is essential to the development of individuals in order for them to become innovators and contributors to society.  I believe this happens most powerfully in an educational community, and as a teacher, I am energized by achievement resulting from teamwork between school and individual families.  Parents and teachers, working hand in hand, can inspire, motivate, and mentor students to become excited about the learning process and to experience the unfolding of their natural talents.