• Kettle Falls Individualized Education (KFIE) and Alternative Education Programs 

    What is Kettle Falls Alternative Education?
    Kettle Falls High School provides individualized and personalized graduation plans that meet all state requirements for students in unique circumstances who wish to earn their diploma.  Adult students are eligible through the year in which they turn 21.
    Program Eligibility:
    Students in grades 10 through 12 are eligible to attend the alternative school, with priority consideration given to seniors in descending order to sophomores.  This is primarily a credit recovery program, so students may not be admitted until their sophomore, junior or senior year, depending on space available.  Academic skill levels at or above 7th grade level are necessary for success.  Inclusion is based upon various criteria:  credit deficiency, skill center participation/requirement needs, drop out (absent from school for 20 days), pregnancy and/or parenting, medical or family issues putting the student “at risk”, returning from rehabilitation programs, under the jurisdiction of the court or juvenile authority, learning differences or other extenuating circumstances.*** 
    *** Every individual’s situation is unique.   Talk to us.   We want to help you succeed! ***


    Students or parents who desire an alternative placement must initiate an interview with the high school counselor.  If new, they must provide information about previous schools, a current transcript, and a rationale for placement in our program.  If approved, names may be placed on a waiting list until a spot becomes available, and most program moves will take place at the beginning of the next term.


    Kettle Falls Alternative Education currently runs two separate programs.  As students get closer to graduation, they may progress through both programs. Students usually work on one course at a time, earning credit when all the required work and the textbook(s) are turned in, provided a satisfactory grade/percentage has been earned.


    1) KFIE stands for “Kettle Falls Individualized Education.”  Students in the KFIE program attend the alternative school for 1-4 periods each morning, and spend the rest of their day at the high school or skill center taking additional classes needed for credit.


    2) CBE stands for “Contract Based Education.”  This means students and parents must sign an attendance and productivity contract based on a Written Student Learning Plan when they are admitted.  The contract is strictly enforced, and students who are found to be non-compliant are removed from the program.  Students in the CBE program have face-to-face contact with the teacher by appointment as determined by student need and staff recommendation, but they must commit to spending at least 25 hours weekly on schoolwork.
    For more information on program eligibility/admission contact Mr. Flugel (counselor): 509-738-6388, x 404.