• 2019-2020 School Board Goals




    • Improve student transitions between our schools
    • Develop system to track student cohort growth over time
    • Improve student proficiency and growth on State and local assessments
    • Leverage resources to meet the needs of all of our students at every level of performance



    • Celebrate all of our staff
    • Increase staff voice in developing the professional development plan
    • Continue hiring staff that contribute to the positive culture of our district



    • Develop consistent expectations for parent communications between all buildings
    • Develop system for our buildings to work together, rather than as silos
    • Expand our feedback systems so that everyone has an opportunity to be heard 
    • Celebrate all of the great things that are happening in our district 
    • Improve our internal communication systems



    • Maintain our facilities so that students are learning in optimum spaces 
    • Improve student safety through improving building systems 
    • Define the roles and expectations for our staff, to include analyzing our staffing levels 
    • Improve the capacity for our staff to better support our district 
    • Develop Long Range Facility Plan