• Coach Paperwork

    Welcome to the Kettle Falls team! As acoach, the service you provide to the district is invaluable. 


    The following documents must be completed and returned to the district office prior to you starting your coaching season. Please complete the forms in their entirety. If you are unable to print out the documents at home, you may also come into the district office to pick up the forms. 


     New Coach Checklist

    Print and include with your paperwork


    ⇓ Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification (Manual Form)

    Bring your Social Security Card and Drivers’ License with you.


     Form W-4

    Print and fill out.


    Sexual Misconduct

    A separate form is needed for each School District you have worked in. 


    Direct Deposit

    Bring a cancelled check with you


    ⇓ Board Policy Review Signature Sheet

    Print and Sign


    Fingerprint Information - Fingerprinting must be completed before you begin work.

    Please stop by the District Office to pick up a form, or you will be given a fingerprint card at the time of your appointment.


     Additional Resources


    ⇓ Coach Handbook - coming soon!