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    Families Encouraged to Return Income Information for School Meal Programs



    While all students may be provided meals at no charge to them during school year 2021–2022, it is critical that eligible families complete the family income information this fall.

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    OLYMPIA—September 22, 2021—Many students across Washington state rely on school meals to meet their nutritional needs. As the economic impacts of COVID-19 continue, more students are eligible to receive meals at no charge to their families.


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    Response From WA Superintendents to Department of Health Update.





    Kettle Falls School District Family,


    Earlier today several news media sources shared a letter to the governor regarding masking. This letter was signed by 40 different school district superintendents. Unfortunately, Kettle Falls School District was not included. It was our intent to join the other school districts; unfortunately, our signature was not added before it was sent to the governor. For those that have not seen the letter, it is included below.


    Throughout all of this, we have sought ways to advocate for our students, our families, our staff and our community. When the governor mandated masks and OSPI threatened funding, we asked our legal counsel about their authority to do those things. When we learned that OSPI recommended to the governor that he mandate vaccinations for all of our employees, we sent a message to Superintendent Reykdal asking him to reconsider that request. We met with him over Zoom and reiterated that he rescind that request. And, again, we checked with our legal counsel to find out what authority Governor Inslee has to mandate these things. Unfortunately, we learned that the gubernatorial mandates carry the weight of law, not following them could bankrupt our district and the school board could be held personally liable.  


    Those that have attended our recent board meetings have heard our school board talk about how they disagree with the mask mandate. We have talked about seeking support from our legislators to make changes at the State level. We have reached out to our legislators and asked them to come and talk with us. To advocate for our community. In early September, Senator Shelly Short will be meeting with our school board and a group of community members to hear our concerns, to learn our story and to be able to represent us in the upcoming legislative session.


    We all want what is best for our students and our community. We are all in this together.     


    Click here to see the full letter.


    Thank you,

    Michael Olsen


    Kettle Falls School District




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    Kettle Falls School District Response to Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal's Email to WA Superintendents




    Subject: School Employee Vaccination Request to Gov. Inslee


    Dear Superintendents:

    I want you to be aware that I just sent a letter to Governor Inslee formally requesting that he take executive action to require all K–12 school employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, consistent with his August 9 order regarding state employees and licensed healthcare providers. 


    As COVID cases continue to increase across the state, impacts on the continuity of in-person learning this school year are a real threat – and vaccination of all eligible adults in our schools is an important preventative measure to reduce potential virus spread and decrease the probability of quarantines or school building closures.


    You can see more information about my request in my letter to the Governor. I will also be holding a media briefing tomorrow at 9 am where I will describe my decision to support this requirement in more detail. You may watch the briefing on TVW, KING 5, or OSPI’s Facebook page. It will also be available for later viewing by TVW and OSPI.


    As always, please let us know of questions.



    Email Response from Michael Olsen, Kettle Falls Superintendent


    Superintendent Reykdal,


    I am concerned and equally confused by your decision to make this request. Throughout this pandemic, you have partnered with us to help us keep or get students back into our classrooms. Your support and advocacy for our staff and students was noticed and appreciated.


    The governor mandating vaccinations may be permitted by his emergency authority; however, we have not mandated vaccinations for any groups, and we don’t believe that it is our place to do so. Over the past year, Kettle Falls School District has had students in class nearly the entire year, and we did not record a single case of staff-to-student transmission. In fact, we did not record a single case of student-to-staff transmission. The mitigation strategies that we put in place (and will continue to have in place) effectively prevented those transmissions.


    Did you consult with districts across the State before you sent Governor Inslee your recommendation? Requiring vaccinations could have a significant impact on the morale of our staff and our ability to keep staff in our schools. We have been making plans to welcome our students back into our schools as normal as possible, while following all of the DOH and L&I guidance. This recommendation, at this time, could significantly jeopardize our ability to do that. It could significantly jeopardize our ability to comply with the requirement to offer full in person instruction for any student that wants it.


    Please reconsider your decision. Allow schools to continue to provide a safe environment for our students (as we did last year), and leave COVID-19 vaccinations a personal choice.     


    Thank you,

    Michael Olsen



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    SafeSchools Alert



    Kettle Falls School District is excited to offer a new opportunity for families, students, and community members to communicate with us. We continue to look for other ways to expand and improve our lines of communication, and Safe Schools Alert will allow folks to easily tell us about any concerns they might have or ask questions. The more information we have, the better able we will be to help and support our students and their families.


    safe schools alert  



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